What is Hypnotism?

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By Jane Ann Covington

 Hypnosis is being a concentrated and/or focused state of suggestibility and/or accessibility, yet in our subconscious mind.

What hypnotism is not: It is not controlling another person. A person in hypnosis is not unconscious nor out of control.  In fact, all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

Most of us spend 50 to 80% of our waking day in that same state (alpha) as hypnosis.  Only 20-50% of the average person’s day is spent in their conscious mind.

Because of we unconsciously spend so much time every day in our unconscious mind, we can be easily influenced by someone that we trust, that we want to trust, or that sounds credible.

It is very important that when seeking advice from others that they be knowledgeable and have our best interests in mind.  In fact, when we use our own mind, we must question certain beliefs that we consider facts.  These “facts” may simply be a belief that is incorrect.

Best Advice: Make sure that you go to a reputable, experienced and caring person or company to get your needs met, whether they be for psychological, emotional, physical, financial, personal, private or business interests.


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