Using hypnosis to help treat myriad health issues in the medical field

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That’s his job as clinical supervisor at Kingman Regional Medical Center’s Sleep Disorders Center, which expanded in January to six beds at the Hualapai Mountain Campus. hypnosis help treat health issues medical field

Hopkins and Dr. Haven Malish, medical director for the center, are exploring an alternative therapy for sleep apnea, which occurs when a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep, using self-hypnosis techniques.

It’s called CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, and it requires a mask to be worn over your nose at night. hypnosis help treat health issues medical field

“A lot of people have difficulty getting used to that on their face,” Hopkins said at the sleep center, which opened in 2013 with four beds at KRMC. “They’re uncomfortable, claustrophobic. I divert their attention from that and make them feel more comfortable.” hypnosis help treat health issues medical field

Hypnosis is a small part of the procedure, but it’s highly beneficial in helping patients overcome negative feelings and anxiety about sleep disorder treatment, Hopkins said. hypnosis help treat health issues medical field

He’s reporting a 92 percent success rate in getting people to sleep within five minutes through “progressive relaxation induction.” Most of the center’s patients are in the 45-60 age bracket, and 20 percent are men.

Clinical hypnotherapy such as that offered at KRMC’s sleep center is used to treat a variety of disorders and phobias, including weight control, smoking, anxiety and insomnia. hypnosis help treat health issues medical field

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