I Tried Hypnosis to Change My Terrible Eating Habits. The results were a pleasant surprise.

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This summer, I realized my relationship with food was taking a physical and emotional toll on me. I was filling and refilling my plate with junk food at social gatherings, snacking nonstop on dried fruit, nuts, and chips, then eating just one or two meals a day in a desperate attempt to make up for it all. I was constantly either starving or overfull, and my focus and energy were lacking. hypnosis change eating habits

I knew all the tricks to prevent unhealthy eating, like frequently serving myself small amounts of healthy food and choosing filling foods with protein and fiber. hypnosis change eating habits

My problem lay in executing these tips. I couldn’t will myself to eat breakfast when I knew skipping it was an easy way to cut calories, to order the salad that left me hungry instead of the pasta, or to resist the cake my boyfriend put in front of me. Something in my brain just hadn’t clicked. hypnosis change eating habits

So, I decided to try a method designed to make your brain click: hypnosis. hypnosis change eating habits

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