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What’s Holding You Back?

Jane Ann Covington, BA, CCHT, RBT for the Piedmont Review Humans are notorious for arguing for their limitations. I learned early in my career that how we are when we’re young, we tend to become more so as we grow older…. unless we consciously change. Most of us know that changing some aspects of ourselves […]

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Fear of Flying & Other Uncomfortable Blocks

Jane Ann Covington,  BA, CCHT, RBT for The Piedmont Review “It scares me to death to just think about getting on a plane!” This client has a fear of flying. She’s been through all the conventional attempts to deal with her fear–from self medication (alcohol), prescriptions and therapy, education about flying, to shear avoidance–all in […]

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Hypnosis can and will change your life!

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be dynamically powerful to help individuals in many ways including stop smoking, lose weight, anxiety and phobias, procrastination, increase motivation, improve self esteem and confidence, focus and memory, health, realize your Full Potential Highest Self with the dynamic Covington Method that includes a unique and customized combination process of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, […]

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WebMD Article: Hypnosis Goes Mainstream

Check out this article at WebMD…   Hypnosis Goes Mainstream Jane Ann is one of the featured hypnotherapists in the article: “Covington uses hypnosis to help people enhance their lives by creating needed changes, building confidence, controlling habits and addictions, and even developing creativity and intuition. She’s been doing this for more than 25 years, she […]

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