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Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Education, and Support Can Break the Connection Between Anxiety, Anger and Depression by Jane Ann Covington

Our emotions are housed in the subconscious mind, felt in the body, and often run the show.  Emotions are easily connected and expanded to other emotions due to old beliefs, behaviors and attitudes, chronic exposure to toxic situations and people, as well as exhaustion from overwhelm and depending on the longevity of our unconscious inner […]

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A very common anxiety is public speaking. Most people find it impossible to overcome on their own.  Anxiety of public speaking will become worse as the years go by if nothing is done about it.  Everyone experiences some form of anxiety, fear or discomfort over time, but whether the anxiety has to do with public […]

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Hypnosis in The News: Perceived lack of love leads to anxiety in adults, advises The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy

In a hypnotherapy for anxiety study released today, out of 100 anxiety clients, 81% reported a lack of parental love in childhood. Part of this study looked at whether or not there was any link between lack of parental love in childhood and anxiety in later life. The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy examined 100 of its […]

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