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Fear of Spiders? by Jane Ann Covington

What can we do when we live in the world with “bugs and spiders”? A well trained certified hypnotist can help! This article explains one perspective as to why some have these fears, but most little boys, for instance, would find these creatures fascinating to play with unless the child learned to be afraid from […]

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Misophonia: Hypnosis Can Help!

I recently came across an ABC news story, about a young lady with a rare condition called misophonia.  The condition makes even the slightest everyday sounds unbearable.  Few people are even aware of the condition, let alone the fact that hypnosis can be helpful in many cases. Even though people with this kind of ailment […]

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5 Tips for Stress Relief, Plus Bonus Tip

1.  Breathe deeply, often:  Oxygen is a great relaxant, stabilizer, and energizer.  Most people take short upper chest breaths which causes shoulder, neck, and back tension and causes you to take in only about 30% of the oxygen you need.  Instead, practice breathing correctly as if you had a hose that runs from your nose […]

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Fear of Flying & Other Uncomfortable Blocks

Jane Ann Covington,  BA, CCHT, RBT for The Piedmont Review “It scares me to death to just think about getting on a plane!” This client has a fear of flying. She’s been through all the conventional attempts to deal with her fear–from self medication (alcohol), prescriptions and therapy, education about flying, to shear avoidance–all in […]

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