The Power of Intention

Power of Intention,center for developing mastery, hypnosis, hypnotist, hypnotherapist, center for developing mastery, atlanta hypnosis, atlanta hypnotist, atlanta hypnotherapy, atlanta hypnotherapistThere’s a whole new awareness and study of intentionality going on… for good reason.
Jane Ann Covington, BA, CCHT, RBT

Since 1975, nationally known personal and professional developmental specialist, Jane Ann Covington has focused on whole brain learning using proven methods that achieve results for her clients.

An experienced coach, registered behavioral therapist, speaker, trainer, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and business developer, Jane Ann’s inspirational message and transference of skills can make a difference in your life as well as the lives of your employees and members of your group.

“The Foundation of Success always has a formula that makes it work, beginning with Intention!”

Formula For Success

  • Intention to Succeed
  • Efficient Research of a Viable Goal
  • Asking Questions & Getting Support
  • Creation of an Effective Plan


  • Follow Through & Up To Date Delivery
  • Effective Management & Maintenance

Experience the Benefits of Fulfilled Intentions: financially, socially, physically, emotionally, healthfully and joyfully!

All behavior comes from thought. Each program is effective in developing our listeners’ motivation in the area(s) they need most.

Our programs are designed and guaranteed to effectively influence your mind for success and in support of your goals.

If you’re purposefully developing yourself and creating the life you want and deserve, the ultimate technique is using intention to focus your mind on learning –expanding your consciousness to evolve yourself and your ability to access and awaken a unique unlimited potential within.

Move yourself towards freedom and away from self sabotage.

Our special products support the development and care of your most essential mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual resources required to succeed.

The true power of focused intention is that it engages the mind, speeding up your ability to learn and develop.

Your Mind Is A Powerful Tool!

Those who learn the fastest and act on that knowledge will become and can remain the leaders in their field.

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