Jane Ann Covington’s Insight #1 – There is Nothing Wrong With You!

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Insight #1: There is Nothing Wrong With You!

What we learn growing in our environment may not be the truth about our self, our future, or what’s possible for us. History leaves holes in the fabric of our personal experience that can get us into situations that cause us problems, big problems, or just as bad…hold us back from our higher potential!  And, it doesn’t just happen for children or teenagers …it can happen to us at any age.  I was convinced that there was something “wrong with me”.

By age 5, I knew things weren’t right in my dysfunctional family, yet I had no power to speak up, much less do anything about it. I knew I needed help. I dreamed of being capable and available to get help and learn to help others.

Finally, by age 27, with the help of skilled professionals, I discovered there was nothing wrong with me. I discovered a whole new way of looking at myself, others, and life. I gave myself permission and freedom to intentionally find the specific help I needed to fill in those missing gaps of knowledge and skills that I hadn’t gotten growing up! I then promptly made it a point to learn and practice the missing skills right away.

Who you think you can be may be more limiting than what you are truly capable of becoming. I had tried to get help through traditional means, but that didn’t work for me.  My personal transformation came through specific education, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and coaching.  For how could I possibly help others if I could not be helped myself?

And, it took another 13 years, to figure out my specific calling, the way for me to help others.  That’s what I get to do every day now…help people succeed!  I have devoted the last 36+ years learning, using, and developing processes that help people in short term therapy using the skills of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, education, and coaching.  You can be helped too to become your authentic self and find joy, passion for life, and inner peace, self confidence, coming to know that you are more than you ever knew you could be.

The subconscious can and will hold you back, but it can also be retrained to be the servant for good for the you that you’ve always wanted and deserve to be.  Call to schedule a free 20 minute consultation with me personally (in person or by phone or by Skype) to discuss your situation and let’s talk about creating a strategy to assist you in moving toward a more fulfilled life in every way, as quickly as possible. It will be my pleasure to serve you and help you discover “There’s Nothing Wrong With You!”

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Jane Ann Covington

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