Jane Ann Covington to present at the 2017 ACHE Virtual Conference

Jane Ann Covington will be a presenter at the 2017 ACHE Virtual Conference.

A description of the presentation is below. Register for only $247 for ACHE members to view the full conferenceApril 22-23, 2017. Here is a link to the catalog:http://hypnotistexaminers.org/conference/2017-virtualconference-catalog/

Getting Rid of PTSD & Anxiety for Good, Jane Ann Covington
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You will learn from Jane Ann Covington about her Proprietary Method for Getting Rid of PTSD & Anxiety that shows up in 70% of the population. Her method has a 95% success rate and is well received by clients. Details about PTSD issues will be addressed directly.
•    Most effective method for interviewing PTSD client to enhance rapport with client.
•    First hypnosis technique to begin gentle conditioning and creating greater rapport and relaxation.
•    Brief overview of education covered for self understanding and resources for self help.
•    Review of first regression and release, adjusted for clients history.
•    Discussion on follow up sessions required for permanent transformation away from PTSD.

Jane Ann Covington, BA, CCHT, RBT. 30+ years experience Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, trainer for 22 years at Hypnosis Institute International School Atlanta, GA; ONLINE Training author, speaker, studied stress/coping since 1970’s at UC San Francisco and witnessed correlation between stress-anxiety-PTSD.


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