What is Hypnosis?

Academic institutions are increasingly providing the research interest and means to study hypnosis and hypnotherapy – dissolving old myths and misunderstandings while at the same time clarifying the real truth about hypnosis.

Facts about hypnosis and hypnotherapy:

  • Being in the state of hypnosis is an ideal state for heightened and/or concentrated learning
  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy offer you a natural state of mind (alpha state) that we are in about 50-80% of our waking day
  • You will experience a natural state of heightened awareness, in fact.
  • You will not unconscious nor out of control during the hypnosis process.
  • You will not cluck like a chicken! or do anything that would not be in your best interest.
  • All hypnosis is self-hypnosis in that you allow yourself to follow along with the suggestions; you can also choose not to be guided.
  • You will experience a relaxed, yet focused state of attention, open to suggestions consistent with your goals [you retain complete choice over what’s accepted] when in the state we call hypnosis.
  • During hypnosis you can be conditioned to have greater accessibility to your inner conscious mind – the true gold mine of your own personal achievement
  • Your experience in hypnosis often includes deep relaxation
  • Most often an experience called “being in the alpha state” (8-13Hz] occurs
  • When our brain wave frequency is slower than when awake (13+Hz), but faster than when we’re asleep (<4 Hz).

At your first visit, I will give you the crash course (5-10 minutes) on what hypnosis is, how it works, and what you can expect.  Also, you can check out my video on the right side of this site about “What Hypnosis Is and How Hypnosis Works.”

You’ll discover that the question is not can you be hypnotized, but can you allow your self to be re-trained, to be un-hypnotized from your own self hypnosis so that you can learn to become the person you want to be instead of continuing to react to old programs and patterns that do not serve you, and maybe never did.

Hypnosis Myth Busting:

Unfortunately, these myths have been with us for centuries now and have led many of us to imagine that hypnosis can put one under a spell, or make people do things they don’t want to do, divulge information that we don’t want to share, or magically stop people from doing things.

All these myths arose over time from ignorance, movies, stage shows and old tales, but have no basis in reality according to reliable modern scientific research.

However, we can be easily influenced if we are around someone who seems credible or knowledgeable about a subject.  Or, if we want something to be true, we might be “gullible”.  These are common human examples of self-hypnosis in that we accept these influences from others, including the news, the media in general, our own “best friend” and family members, to name a few.

We even mis-perceive or make up stuff in our own mind, often inaccurately or as a projection onto others instead of it being reality.  Haven’t you, too, been mistakenly accused of doing something that you didn’t do by someone who merely “thought” or “believed” you did?

There are clear forms of self-hypnosis in our every day life.  Aren’t we all already programmed to a large extent from society, childhood and our environment, as well as from ourselves?

What is true, however, is that we have a mind of our own.  We just don’t often know how to use our own mind to the fullest extent for our own benefit or those around us.

Live to Your Full Potential!

Our mind is a tool that can be used any way we choose to.  It may take some practice and exposure to new options, but if we are capable of learning (and most people are), we can with the right guidance and support for us, find new and better ways of thinking and behaving.

The Problem:  We just didn’t come into the world with an instruction booklet on how to use our greatest asset, our own mind, for our greatest benefit.  Brain and behavioral research has begun to open our eyes to significant understanding on the workings of our mind.

The Answer: Because of my years of study in this area, I am well known for teaching people about how their conscious and subconscious minds work and how to use them better to achieve greater happiness, success, health, peace of mind, and effectiveness in life for your self.


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