Client Praise and Love

“I love getting feedback from my clients!  You’re invited to read the hypnosis testimonials here.  I look forward to working with you, and helping you succeed, too!          ~Jane Ann Covington

“Before going to Jane Ann, I had not driven on a highway for over 12 years. My previous attempts to drive on a highway ended with acute panic attacks and tears. They left me feeling completely inept and ashamed. Even driving over an overpass would leave me weak-kneed and faint. I tried conventional cognitive behavioral therapy at one point and after several months of no progress, I gave up.

I would have to overcome my phobia of driving on highways and bridges for a work trip in a major metropolitan area. I would be responsible for driving others during the trip. There were no excuses I could provide to avoid driving. I searched the Internet for methods to alleviate anxiety/phobias and came across Jane Ann’s website. I was skeptical to say the least, but I was also desperate. I had 5 weeks to overcome my deepest fears.

After explaining my issues to Jane Ann, her confidence that I could overcome my fears was immediately comforting. She gave me hope. I met with Jane Ann only 4 times, but they were each intense. I studiously followed all of her instructions – after all, what did I have to lose?

I did a solo test-drive the week of my trip. My husband was amazed when I came home afterwards. I was calm and completely in control whereas during previous tries, I would insist that he be in the car with me in case I “freak out.” I would have to pull over and ask him to takeover. I cried tears of joy when I got home.

During my work trip, I picked up my rental car without any anticipatory fear. I spent much of the trip driving on congested highways and interstates without a single issue. To the normal person, this is not a big deal. For me, it felt like I had traveled to the moon and back.

I will never be able to thank Jane Ann enough for giving back my independence! To know that I can go anywhere I wish, whenever I want is so liberating!” ~ Johanna H.

“Eight years ago, Jane Ann Covington helped me become a non-smoker with ease and empowerment.   That is how long I have been a non-smoker and loving it every day.  Recently my husband and I decided to go back to Jane Ann for other issues and again I’m happy to report that it has been a month of freedom.  I have to admit that even after quitting smoking, I was a little skeptical.  My husband on the other hand called himself a realist, so we doubted in our minds that hypnosis would help us this time.  After a very thorough education and a lot of a-ha moments, I am amazed and very thankful for Jane Ann and her mastery of her field.  This is a very personal thank you once again, Jane Ann Covington, for allowing us to see that we are whole, perfect, and complete!” ~ Marieta C.

“After smoking for over 40 years, and trying everything under the sun to quit, I was relieved and thrilled to become a non-smoker.  It’s been over 3 years now and I’ve absolutely no craving.  I work in a place where smoking is allowed and it’s not been a problem.  I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to smoke.  Thank you, Jane Ann.  You really made sense taking the time to prepare me and that made all the difference in making it easy to quit.” ~ Thomas K.

“After failing the bar exam three times in a row, I was anxious, depressed, and ready to throw in the towel. Finally, someone suggested I see Jane Ann Covington. Her process helped me get beyond my own negativity. I passed the next time I took the exam with confidence. I finally reached my goal of becoming a lawyer and working for an excellent firm. Thanks to Jane Ann! ” ~ Emma P.

“Jane Ann, your work is amazing.  The smoking cessation is amazing but the results from the last sessions we did for my anger are just now becoming increasingly evident to me as the change in my life becomes easier to accept as permanent.  Forever have I called myself a dumb-ass under my breath.  At least twenty times a day.  I don’t do that anymore nor does my anger overwhelm me.  I have a sense of peace now that allows me to let almost everything roll off my back.  You are very good at what you do.  Thanks!” ~ Charlie K.

“A friend of mine had asked me if I believe in this, and how I feel; what the outcome would be.  I told her that the fundamentals of what hypnosis is about and what the program is about are things that I believe in.  One, I believe that our physical state is a result of our emotional and mental state.  I feel like our beings are who we are because those are the thoughts that we have.  And I believe, I’ve seen in my life that if I have a goal; something that I’ve set myself to accomplish, then it happens.  It may not be exactly the way I had planned originally, but it does happen.  I lost a lot of weight before doing the physical part of it (diet and exercise), and not tackling the mental side.  I became aware that I have to do that.  I have to tackle what’s been going on in my head as well as what I’m putting into my body in order for it to work.

I started the program a week ago, and have had a lot of success.  It’s become easy to eat smaller portions; to feel full faster.  I’ve had a few minor moments, on certain things, but the feeling of just being in control and having the power within myself to change has been very important.  I’ve lost 6 lbs, and it’s been a while since I could say that.  The cravings are a lot less.  I actually want to put good things into my body!  When I went to the grocery store, I didn’t even look at anything that was unhealthy or processed.

I have become conscious of the choices that I’m making, which has made a lot of difference.  It’s a lot easier.  I originally thought it would me more stressful to have to think about these things every single day; to have to think about planning meals and planning to have snacks available that are healthy.  It’s actually easy, and it relieves stress for me because I don’t have to think about where I’m going to get lunch, what time I am going to eat, or how am I going to work around my schedule because I already have it there.  I did it the night before and it wasn’t stressful for me.” ~ Angie D.

“I have had two gastric band surgeries and both were disasters.  I almost lost my life!  The Covington Mental Gastric Band Weight Loss Program is absolutely working.  I’ve lost 30 lbs since last May and am continuing to lose weight on a regular basis.  This program works and has lowered my stress level 1000 percent!” ~ Kristy M.

“I would like to confess and say that this is my first review I have ever written about a company or service, but I’m an advocate for searching the web before I do anything to find out what others’ experiences were like.  I must admit, people are very honest and forthcoming with their opinions, and that plays a major part in my decision whether or not to try something out.

When I was confronted once again with a few of the many issues that I felt were holding me back, I surfed the Internet once again looking for solutions.  I have been in therapy a couple of times before but for some reason, I felt like I wasn’t getting the results I needed.  To me they seemed too focused on emotions and relationships and I’m more of the “Let’s get results” type of person.  I had to keep looking for other alternatives.  I never knew much about hypnosis, but I’m an open-minded person; like I said, I need results.  I thought to myself that I needed someone to help me get past the blocks I had, and release the person I knew was inside of me.  Well, I found Jane Ann Covington online.

I was very interested at that point.  I spoke to her on the phone, and knew instantly that I needed to go and see her.  The next day, I went to her office for my first visit.  When I filled out the registration form, I checked off procrastination, anxiety, self-doubt, public speaking, stopping smoking, communication, and a few more that I have forgotten because I don’t have those issues anymore.

Overall, I’ve been to see Jane Ann 5 or 6 times.  I have experienced a HUGE difference.  I truly feel like a whole new person, and it was just affirming what I already knew I was capable of; I just needed a little coaching.  That’s why I call her my life coach.  She is so knowledgeable about everything; seriously, everything!  I have owned my own business for 10 years, and I can assure you that I have never had a breakthrough like this before.

Everyone around me has noticed the difference.  I’m just so much more positive about life and my future.  I’m not afraid of going after my dreams that some would call unattainable.  Jane Ann has truly been a blessing in my life.  Try it!  I know it was worth trying for me.  I thank God that I found hypnosis.  It works!  Finally, results!” ~ Jane S.

“After my second visit my life changed drastically.  I have spent more money and time taking care of myself in the past couple of months than I have in the past ten years.  I have taken care of issues such as getting dental work done that I have avoided for over five years.  I started massage therapy, which is the second best thing I have ever done for myself; quit drinking, smoking, drugs, you name it.  I still can’t believe all it took was Jane Ann explaining to me how the brain works and why I do the things I do.  I still can’t believe how easy my life seems now; I feel the best that I have ever felt.  Thank you so much.” ~ John D.

“After targeting my specific needs and having an open mind, I can absolutely say I notice a difference in my attitude, happiness, and a significant reduction in general anxiety.  Thank you so much!” ~ Chad A.

“I believe hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful tools to overcome anxiety.  It helped me!” ~ Natalie H.

We received this letter from a client, who wrote it to a friend, encouraging him to try our program. Please, read on!!

“Dear Michael,

I wanted to get back to you regarding my experience with Jane Ann Covington.  To answer your questions…

The most positive thing about my experience is that I am not feeling the typical symptoms of withdrawal that I have found while using other methods of smoking cessation.  I have quit smoking several times before, however, every time, I was very irritable and had strong cravings to smoke.  With this system, I don’t have any of those symptoms.  In fact, my partner has also quit smoking using the nicotine patch and still experiences strong cravings and has actually “cheated” a couple of times.  He’s amazed that I don’t crave cigarettes, haven’t “cheated” or had any urges to smoke…even when socializing with friends who smoke.  He’s even thinking of seeing Ms. Covington so he doesn’t continue to have cravings for the rest of his life.  I truly believe that I am a non-smoker and will be for the rest of my life!

One of the things that I feel has helped me the most with Ms. Covington’s hypnotherapy is that she customized the session to help me with defeating times when my cravings were the strongest.  For example, I told her that when I was driving that I smoked frequently and was concerned that I would continue to have those cravings.  She included in my session a message that when I look at the color red, that I will feel relaxed and not want to smoke.  It worked!  Anytime I was driving and had a thought of smoking, I would look at a red light, brake lights or anything red and any inkling of smoking went away and I immediately felt relaxed.  I could go on and on with examples like these…

As far as any negative experience…I don’t feel that there is anything negative about my experience.  I know that may sound unbelievable, but I am so much happier now that I am a non-smoker and my life isn’t controlled by nicotine.  I honestly believe that I would never have made it this far as a non-smoker without Ms. Covington’s help.  Her system is the first smoking cessation system that has worked for me and eliminated the withdrawal symptoms I’ve experienced with other methods.  I’ve already referred several of my friends to her and will continue to help anyone I can become a non-smoker with Ms. Covington’s program.

I would be happy to answer any further questions you have regarding my experience.  Please feel free to call or email me.

Best Regards,

Jason T.

“Going back to school at age 39 scared me to death. I was overwhelmed with studying and test taking. I got all nervous and couldn’t remember anything. I only wish I had seen Jane Ann when I started. I am doing great now.” ~ David C.

“My son was doing poorly with concentration in school. He just couldn’t focus and would forget to take his homework to school with him. Now, he’s organized and relaxed with improved concentration. Better grades, too!” ~ Pat C.

“Listening to the recording you made me as I go to sleep at night has transformed my life.” ~ Ron G.

“The thought of speaking with more than one person at a time use to petrify me and I couldn’t breathe. My heart would race. I would break into a cold sweat and feel faint. My mind would go blank. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get over this old pattern. It didn’t happen overnight, but within a few months, I felt like a new person. I’ll probably never be a public speaker, but at least I feel like I can live in the world with other people.” ~ Julia M.


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