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COULD popping pills for everything from lowering stress levels to curbing your appetite become a thing of the past?  Perhaps, thanks to a new generation of iPhone apps – or at least that’s what their makers claim.

The developers of new app Digipill (available from the iTunes store) claim it ‘uses psychoacoustics to unlock your subconscious and change your perception’. In fact, it is a prettily packaged 2013 spin on an old technique: each of 13 ‘pills’ (from 69p to £4.99) are 15 to 30-minute self-hypnosis audio recordings.

There’s T-break, a 13-minute ‘prescription’ for relaxation; Slim To Thin, a track to boost motivation; and the 26-minute Closure for moving on from difficult emotional situations.

via iPhone app offers self-hypnosis to brighten your mood | The Nation.

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