Finding Your Footing During the Holidays

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Q: I am trying to meet end of year goals, but I am falling short. What are some thoughts that will help me?

A: Successful people ask for help when they need it. Talk to your boss to give you feedback about what you can do to help meet your goals more effectively. If you have too much on your plate, you may not be good at setting boundaries. This can be learned with good support and coaching. No one gets to the top alone.


Q: My company is not understanding of my travel schedule and I want to be with the family over the holidays. What are ways I can work it out with them and ease the tension?

A: Remember, you are going to have a few days off because it is a holiday.  If that’s not enough, and this time of the year is most important to be with your family, schedule your vacation during the holidays.  However, when you took the job, did you know you would have to always work during the holidays? Perhaps you’ve learned this work pattern doesn’t work for you after all. I suggest you look for a job that is a better fit for you. Realize you have skills and offer value that others are looking for. If you feel insecure about this, you may have to invest in yourself to learn how to boost your confidence to work with people who want you on your destiny path.  I can help you!

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