Fear of Spiders? by Jane Ann Covington

fear if spiders, center for developing mastery, hypnosis, hypnotist, hypnotherapist, center for developing mastery, atlanta hypnosis, atlanta hypnotist, atlanta hypnotherapy, atlanta hypnotherapistWhat can we do when we live in the world with “bugs and spiders”? A well trained certified hypnotist can help!

This article explains one perspective as to why some have these fears, but most little boys, for instance, would find these creatures fascinating to play with unless the child learned to be afraid from other humans. Truth is, most creatures are afraid of us, but when we don’t have a mind set that recognizes that, or we have been trained to be afraid of creatures, we will show excessive fear and avoidance.

Granted, we should stay away from poisonous creatures and poisonous people, for that matter, but to be afraid of most creatures is as unhelpful as being afraid of most people. It all comes down to perceptions and beliefs.  Spiders and bugs are part of the balance of our overall ecosystem.  Over reacting to them is stressful, yet unreasonable reactions can be successfully corrected in a relatively short period of time using a combination of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, education, and coaching.

~Jane Ann

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