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By Jane Ann Covington Humans are notorious for arguing for their limitations. I learned early in my career that how we are when we’re young, we tend to become more so as we grow older…. unless we consciously change.  Most of us know that changing some aspects of ourselves would be a good thing, but […]

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How Safe is Hypnosis? | TIME

Recent news has people talking about the practice and its safety and effectiveness A years-long case involving a teacher’s use of hypnosis on students and staff members at a Florida school was back in the news this week when the case was settled before going to trial. Since it was not tried in court, culpability […]

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British Actress Jaime Winstone Is Planning To Use Hypnosis To Ease Her Pain During Childbirth

Ray Winstone’s daughter is expecting a baby with her DJ boyfriend James Suckling and she confirmed the news in September (15) by sharing a picture of herself cradling a small bump. hypnosis pain childbirth Jaime has now opened up about her birthing plan, revealing she wants to avoid painkillers by using a technique known as […]

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Conversational hypnosis may do better job than pills for relaxing patients before surgery

Anxious patients heading into surgery often receive medication to ease their fears, but a few calming words from their physicians might actually be more effective medicine. In fact, “conversational hypnosis” as the approach is known, may do a better job than pills for relaxing patients before anesthesia and surgery, suggests research being presented at the […]

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