Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety with Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Education, Coaching by Jane Ann Covington

Although anxiety comes from fear, the cycle of anxiety does NOT typically originate from a physical response nor a “chemical imbalance.”  This fact is why hypnosis and hypnotherapy, along with specific supportive methods can help you rewire your brain, your perception and your responses to life!

The reason hypnosis can help is that anxiety is almost always caused by a negative thought, perception, belief generated from a potentially or perceived threatening experience that generates fear or potential fear about a thing, idea, event, person, emotion, whether real or imagined.  Fear of making mistakes is also a common generator of stress, worry, and often causes anxiety (whether real or imagined).

Breaking Cycle Anxiety Hypnosis

This worry or anxiety factor of “potential” negative outcomes in life is often called “anticipatory anxiety.”  A pattern of worrying about life is on the same scale as anxiety, just at a somewhat lesser level of response or perception as to the consequences we suffer from.  Both levels are still a potential debilitating response to life.

Individuals usually begin the process of anxiety at one or both of two stages: 1) they are raised in a stressful environment and unconsciously learn the pattern, or 2) they experience stressful events in adulthood and then fear it could happen again or that they are powerless, helpless or more vulnerable than they can withstand.

No matter what the beginning, they can both end up being experienced as Post Traumatic Stress (in other words, the homeostasis, or internal balance, that our body attempts to reach and maintain gets reset at an unbalanced level on the scale and that becomes the “new norm” even though it’s unhelpful overall mentally, emotionally, physically, and often Spiritually.

Medications will not reset this balance because your thoughts are always generating chemical and emotional responses that are experienced throughout your body.  Medications attempt to give relief by masking the problem, but do not attempt to correct the pattern.  However, well done hypnosis and hypnotherapy methods, changing the way you think, believe and process your perception of the outside world, can be the key you’ve been looking for.

Over the last 35+ years, I have helped thousands of individuals become free of the pattern of being a worrywart, feeling anxious, and even depressed patterns.  Each of these tend to feed one another for many people.  Learning how to take charge of your thinking and discovering and retraining your responses to life using the short-term methods of my program have worked wonders for most.  I wish I had a 100% success rate, yet it is up around 95%!  It is a process and not magic!  And there are no medication side effects!!

For more information on how you could benefit from my program, call me for a free 30 minute strategy consultation at (404) 442-8700 or email  You are invited to meet me in person at my office in Atlanta, work by phone, or by Skype…your choice.  Don’t wait any longer to stop the suffering. Relief can be a phone call away.  I did many years ago with my own anxiety and through hypnosis, I gained the relief I wish I’d had my entire life!

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