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Free Webinar: Awakening the Power of We with Gregg Braden and host Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. sponsored by HeartMath

I am passing along this very special invitation to you from HeartMath because they do incredible research. This particular event is especially important in these times of seeming world and sometimes personal separateness. Listening to this free webinar will give you a sense of power of what’s possible in wonderful ways. I invite you to […]

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Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety with Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Education, Coaching by Jane Ann Covington

Although anxiety comes from fear, the cycle of anxiety does NOT typically originate from a physical response nor a “chemical imbalance.”  This fact is why hypnosis and hypnotherapy, along with specific supportive methods can help you rewire your brain, your perception and your responses to life! The reason hypnosis can help is that anxiety is […]

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By Jane Ann Covington Humans are notorious for arguing for their limitations. I learned early in my career that how we are when we’re young, we tend to become more so as we grow older…. unless we consciously change.  Most of us know that changing some aspects of ourselves would be a good thing, but […]

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Parent alert!

Parent alert! What schools don’t tell you about campus sexual assault Throughout the summer before my daughter left for college, I repeatedly warned her: never put a glass down at a party; use the buddy system when going to parties; and never go upstairs at a fraternity party. Instead, what I should have told her is: […]

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