anxiety, center for developing mastery, hypnosis, hypnotist, hypnotherapist, center for developing mastery, atlanta hypnosis, atlanta hypnotist, atlanta hypnotherapy, atlanta hypnotherapistA very common anxiety is public speaking. Most people find it impossible to overcome on their own.  Anxiety of public speaking will become worse as the years go by if nothing is done about it.  Everyone experiences some form of anxiety, fear or discomfort over time, but whether the anxiety has to do with public speaking, social issues, worthiness, fear of risk taking, insecurities of almost any nature don’t have to last.
      With effective coaching, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, education, and resources to support you, you can get beyond these fears including public speaking and other types of fears that will hold you back from your greater potential in business, social and personal affairs if not addressed.
      Just telling yourself you won’t be afraid doesn’t work!  What does work is actively seeking competent support.  For more information: contact Jane Ann Covington or 404-442-8700 to find out about our 5 step process to help you become the you you’ve always wanted to be.

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