5 Tips for Stress Relief, Plus Bonus Tip

5 Tips for Stress Reliefcenter for developing mastery, hypnosis, hypnotist, hypnotherapist, center for developing mastery, atlanta hypnosis, atlanta hypnotist, atlanta hypnotherapy, atlanta hypnotherapist1.  Breathe deeply, often:  Oxygen is a great relaxant, stabilizer, and energizer.  Most people take short upper chest breaths which causes shoulder, neck, and back tension and causes you to take in only about 30% of the oxygen you need.  Instead, practice breathing correctly as if you had a hose that runs from your nose to your belly button.  Practice breathing like babies do…they know how to do it correctly and get 100% of the oxygen they need.  Let your belly relax and let your shoulders drop.

2.  Worry is a waste of life and resources:  As it is said, it’s not what happens to us in life, but how we think, deal with, and react to it.  Know that you are capable.  Trust and commit that you will do your best.  It’s all going to work out one way or another.  Research from Harvard shows that only about 8% of what we worry about ever even happens…something else does.  So, let the tendency to worry fly out of your head and know that you can only do your best.  In other words, redirect your mental focus from worry to being resourceful and solution oriented.

3.  Increase your confidence:  Remind yourself of all the small and maybe large challenges and opportunities you’ve succeeded in.  There will be plenty more.

4.  Never waste your time focusing on mistakes or beat yourself up for not knowing:  Use these experiences as lessons and then recreate the experience in your mind with the lesson(s) you learned.  Repeat this at least 3 times to help retrain your brain with new, more effective options to enhance your learning experience.  Life is a learning experience itself.

5.  Never waste your time focusing on problems:  Instead, think of them as opportunities, and either choose to participate or walk away.  Remember to be discerning, i.e. having or showing good judgment.

Bonus tip:  Successful people ask for help!  Get the help you need instead of suffering or struggling.

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